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Promoting Independence

We work alongside  Physiotherapists, Case Managers and other Professionals involved in delivering individually designed care and support packages to Service Users who have been involved in life changing situations.

Enabling tasks involve assisting individuals by supporting and encouraging them to participate in housework and living skills, to restore lost confidence, regain lost skills, gain new skills and achieve and maintain maximum independence and self-reliance. 

Cooking enabling tasks

 Enabling Tasks may include:

  • Supporting and guiding the individual to maintain a healthy balanced diet through provision of advice in relation to fluids and nutrition, menu planning and preparation of meals.

  • Supporting and guiding the individual with household budgeting.

  • Supporting and guiding the individual in carrying out the household functions in so far as they enable the individuals outcomes to be achieved, for example in relation to maintaining a clean and comfortable house and /or garden.

  • Supporting individuals on shopping trips or to attend specific appointments, e.g. hospital, dentist, optician, using public transport.

  • Providing information about opportunities for involvement in local community activities, encouraging the continuation of interests and social activities and /or developing the opportunity for involvement in new activities.

  • Encouraging and assisting in development or maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

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